Language Services

Clients feedback

Dear Ekaterina, I would like to thank you for the quality of the files you have delivered. The number of queries is just proportional to your professionalism :-) What software do you use? The result is perfect. There is not even one bug. Extremely precise and professional. Kind regards,

Client from Italy

One of the best translators we have worked with. Very professional.

Client from Netherlands



Cyrillica offers Interpreting at conferences, presentations, business meetings and other events, to client needs. Overcome the communications barrier at events that matter to you and concentrate on the message. Leave the rest to our experienced interpreters.

When required, we can provide Interpreting equipment: booths, headsets, and audio equipment.

Simultaneous Interpreting: for conferences. Interpreters work in a soundproofed booths and render speech through headsets and microphones. Listeners hear the rendering trough headsets. Interpreters work in teams of two for each language pair and shift every half hour or so. For tough assignments or ones longer than eight hours, it is sensible to hire more interpreters.

Consecutive Interpreting: suitable for business meetings, field trips, and presentations. An interpreter for each language pair renders speech once speakers stop talking. For smaller gatherings of up to three hours interpreting may be performed by one interpreter per language pair. Longer events mean more interpreters.

Whispering: for intimate meetings. Simultaneous interpreting with an interpreter for each language pair rendering speech into the ears of event participants.

Telephone Interpreting: consecutive interpreting at the client’s premises or on the ‘phone.